Money Forgery

“…the art of counterfeiting the public money is of the highest antiquity.” – J. Y. Akerman (1843)[1, p.1]

The laws of Solon required that people who forged money be put to death [1, p.57]. The laws of Constantine the Great charged money forgers with high treason and required them to be put to death by burning alive [1, p.58]. The laws of Canute punish forgers with the loss of their hands [1, p.59].

“To return to the question of ancient forgeries, I have uniformly noticed them to be most abundantly found to belong to the most luxurious, populous, and wealthy cities of Magna Graecia…” – Thomas Burgon [1, p.63]

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[1] – Akerman, J. Y. “ON THE FORGERIES OF PUBLIC MONEY.” The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, vol. 6, 1843, pp. 57–82. JSTOR, Accessed 15 Aug. 2020.

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