New Testament Lectionaries

According to Oxford Languages (July 12th, 2020), a lectionary is “a list or book of portions of the Bible appointed to be read at a church service.”

“Lectionaries which have the Gospels readings are called Evangeliaria or Evangelistaria, those which have the Acts or Epistles, Apostoli or Praxapostoli.” [2].

There were 57 Gospel lectionaries and 20 Apostoloi that were known prior to Johann Martin Augustin Scholz (1794-1852). “Scholz added to the list 58-181 Evangelistarioi and 21-58 Apostoloi. Gregory in 1909 enumerated 2234 lectionaries. To the present day 2484 lectionary manuscripts have been catalogued by the (INTF) in Münster.” [2].

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[1] – F. H. A. Scrivener, “A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament” (London 1861), p. 215, 224.

[2] –

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