Codex Sangermanensis I

Codex Sangermanensis I has been dated to the 9th century AD [1, p60]. It is currently being held in Paris in the National Library of France (BnF) as Lat. 11,553 [1, p60]. Prior to that, it was held at the Library of St. Germain des Pres, originally numbered as 15 and later as 86 [1. p60].

The National Library of France was reportedly founded in 1386 AD [2]. The Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres was reportedly founded in the 6th century AD and a fire completely destroyed its library in 1794 [3]. From where did the BnF receive the codex? From where did the abbey get it? When did either of them gain possession of it? Why is it named Sangermanensis I? When was it named that?


1538 – Robert Estienne referred to it as Germ. Lat. in his Latin Bible [1, p60-61].

1680 – It was examined by Richard Simons [1, p61].

1720 – John Walker collated it [1, p61].

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[1] – Accessed 21 July 2020.

[2] – Accessed 22 July 2020.

[3] – Accessed 22 July 2020.

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