Codex Alexandrinus

Codex Alexandrinus is currently being held by the British Library with the shelfmark Royal MS 1 D VIII. It has been dated to the 5th century. It might have early 14th century provenance, but it appears to seriously come to light around 1621 when it is brought to Constantinople from Alexandria.

Dates with (?) after them are ones about which I’m questionable.

History of Codex Alexandrinus:

Between 1305-1315(?) – Athanasius III, patriarch of Alexandria (1276-1316), brought the manuscript to Alexandria.

1621 – The codex is brought to Constantinople from Alexandria, Egypt by the Greek Patriarch of Alexandria Cyril Lucar (1572-1638).

1627 – Cyril Lucar gifts the codex to the Charles I (r. 1625–1649), the ruling monarch at the time, as a New Years gift.

1733 – Richard Bentley rescues the codex from the flames of the fire at the Royal Library.

1757 – George II presents it to the British Museum.

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[1] –,Alexandria%2C%20Cyril%20Lucar%20(d.

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