Anthony Thomas Grafton (b.1950)

This article contains biographical information on Anthony Thomas Grafton (b.1950).

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1950 – He is born in May.

c.1960 – He is in 6th grade at a public schools in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

c.1966 – He finishes high school at Phillips Academy in Andover, where he won the Catlin Prize in Classics.

1970 – He’s in Phi Beta Kappa with honors in History and in the college.

1971 – He receives his BA in History from the University of Chicago.

1972 – He receives his MA in History from the University of Chicago.

1973-1974 – He is an occasional student at the University College London.

1975 – He receives his PhD in History from the University of Chicago.

1983 – His first book is published.

2004 – His book Bring Out Your Dead: The Past as Revelation is published in October.

2011 – His book The Culture of Correction in Renaissance Europe is published in November.

2013 -His book Henricus Glareanus’s (1488-1563) Chronologia of the Ancient World is published in March.

2016 – His book Canonical Texts and Scholarly Practices: A Global Comparative Approach is published in October.

2018 – His book The West: A New History is published in July.

2019 – His book Forgers and Critics, New Edition: Creativity and Duplicity in Western Scholarship in published in April.

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Links to his works online:

Anthony Grafton, “Matthew Parker: The Book as Archive,” History of Humanities 2:1 (2017): 15-50.

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