Book Two, Petavius (1659)

This article contains links to my edition of Book Two of Dionysius Petavius’ History of the World (1659).

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Chapter One: Pages 39-42.

Of the Kings of Judah, from Solomon to Jehosaphat; and of the Kings of the Israelites, from Jeroboam to Baasha, things done, and the times.


Chapter Two: Pages 42-47.

Of the Other Kings of Judah and Israel, even to Hezekiah.


Chapter Three: Pages 47-48.

Of the succeeders of Josiah, especially Zedekiah, and the destruction of Jerusalem, and their seventy year bondage.


Chapter Four: Pages 49-51.

Of the Tyrian Kings, the building of Carthage, of Lycurgus the Law-giver, and the beginnings of the Medes and Macedonians.


Chapter Five: Pages 52-53

Of the Olympic Conflicts or Games.


Chapter Six: Pages 54-57.

Of the latter and revived Kingdom of the Assyrians, and of its Princes; and of Judith, and Holofernes; and of Sargon and Thartan: as also the beginning of the Babylonish Kingdom.


Chapter Seven: Pages 57-59.

Of Romulus and the building of Rome, and of the deeds of him, and of the six following Kings.


Chapter Eight: Pages 59-61.

Of the Messenian War, and their King Aristomenes; and of Tyrtaeus the Poet.


Chapter Nine: Pages 61-63.

Of Cyaxar King of the Medes, and the breaking in of the Scythians; and of the Kings of the Babylonians, especially of Nebuchadnezzar, and his Successors.


Chapter Ten: Pages 64-65.

Of the last Kings of Egypt out of Herodotus, Sethon, the twelve Princes, Psammeticus, Nechaus, Amasides, and others.


Chapter Eleven: Pages 66-68.

Of Astyages the last King of the Medes, and of the fall of the Medean Kingdom, and of the beginning of the Persian: Of Croesus and Cyrus, and things done by this King, his Monarchy, and death; and of the return of the Jews from Babylonian bondage.


Chapter Twelve: Pages 68-73.

Of those things, which in this whole interval of time, are gathered, delivered, spread here and there in Histories, which is, from the building of the Temple, unto the death of Cyrus; and of the men of that Age excelling in learning.

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