Book One, Petavius (1659)

This article contains links to my edition of Book One of Dionysius Petavius’ History of the World (1659).

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Chapter One: Pages 1-4.

What things have first come to pass worthy of remembrance from the Creation of the World, unto the Deluge; wherein first is treated of the six days Works, and of the year of Noah’s Flood.


Chapter Two: Pages 4-6.

What things are remembered both out of Sacred and profane Histories, that were done in that interval of time, which begun from the year of the Julian period 2387, unto 2752. Wherein is spoken of the building of Babel, of Abraham’s original, and of his pilgrimage. Of the Kingdoms of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Sicyonians.


Chapter Three: Pages 7-9.

The sum of the Sacred History comprehended in that space of time which was from the year of the Julian Period 2753. unto the 3183. of the same. Wherein is treated of the deeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of his Children; And also of Job at last.


Chapter Four: Pages 10-11.

Of the Kingdom of the Grecians, Inachus his Posterity, and Ogyges his Deluge; of Prometheus, and the Kingdom of the Athenians.


Chapter Five: Pages 11-12.

Of those remarkable passages which happened to the people of Israel the first Fourty six years after their departure out of Egypt.


Chapter Six: Pages 13-17.

The remainder of the Sacred History to the building of the Temple, wherein both what was done by the Judges, as by Saul, David, and Solomon are contained.


Chapter Seven: Pages 18-19.

Of the Original of the Ancient Greeks which was comprised in that space of time, from the Israelite’s departure out of Egypt, to the fourth year of Solomon. Of the threefold kind of the Grecians, Aeolics, Dorics, and Ionics; which sprang from Hellen, son to Deucalion.


Chapter Eight: Pages 19-24.

Of the time of the Maecenian Kings, which succeeded the Grecians, and of the Inachids, and some remarkable passages of Perseus his progeny, conducing to better knowledge of Antiquity.


Chapter Nine: Pages 24-26.

Of another double Progeny of the Inachids, Agenorians, and Pelasgians, and of Cadmus his stock.


Chapter Ten: Pages 27-31.

Of Hercules, Jason, The Expedition of the Argonauts, Minos, Theseus, Oedipus, and his sons, and of the Theban War.


Chapter Eleven: Pages 31-33.

Of the Trojan’s Kingdom, and of the ruin of Troy, of Aeneas’ travel into Italy, of the age of Jupiter and Saturn.


Chapter Twelve: Pages 33-37.

Of the Expeditions of Hercules’ Posterity into Peloponnesus; of Melanthus and Codrus, Kings of Athens; then of the Archontians, of the Aeolic and Ionic transplantations; and of some other particulars.


Chapter Thirteen: Pages 37-38.

Of the Kingdoms of the Lacedemonians and Corinthians, and of Cypselus and Periander.

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