Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms, Isaac Newton (1728)

This article contains links to my edition of Sir Isaac Newton’s The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended (1728).

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John Conduitt’s Statement to the Queen.

Table of Contents

Introduction. A Short Chronicle from the first Memory of Things in Europe, to the Conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great. Page 1.

Links: Pages 1-20, Pages 21-42.

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended.

Chap. I. Of the Chronology of the First Ages of the Greeks. Page 43.

Chap. II. Of the Empire of Egypt. Page 191.

Chap. III. Of the Assyrian Empire. Page 265.

Chap. IV. Of the two Contemporary Empires of the Babylonians and Medes. Page 294.

Chap. V. A Description of the Temple of Solomon. Page 332.

Chap VI. Of the Empire of the Persians. Page 347.

An Advertisement is included after the table of contents.

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