Limited Time Ctruth Patreon Event

Ctruth joined Patreon in mid-February 2019.
In celebration of nearing one complete year,
Ctruth is offering to;
anyone who becomes a Ctruth patron,
anyone who refers a friend,
or anyone who increases their monthly
pledged by a $1 or more before March 1st, 2020 the ability to redeem a topic
for an article to be published on the Ctruth website.

The topics can be anything you that you’d like to see more content on. The number of articles you are able to redeem is stackable. If you refer two people you get two topics, if you refer three people you get three topics, and so on and so forth.

Additional article topics can be purchased until March 1st by anyone, patron or not, for the discounted price of $5 each.

Become a Ctruth patron today on:

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