List of Proto-Languages


1. Proto-Afroasiatic
1.a. Proto-Semitic
1.b. Proto-Berber
2. Proto-Bantu

Europe, Near East, and Caucasus

1. Proto-Northwest Causcasian
1.a. Proto-Abazgi
1.b. Proto-Circassian
2. Proto-Kartvelian
2.a. Proto-Georgian-Zan
3. Proto-Basque
4. Proto-Indo-European
4.a. Proto-Anatolian
4.b. Proto-Albanian
4.c. Proto-Greek
4.d. Proto-Armenian
4.e. Proto-Indo-Iranian
4.e.a. Proto-Indo-Aryan
4.e.b. Proto-Iranian
4.f. Proto-Baltic-Slavic
4.f.a. Proto-Baltic
4.f.b. Proto-Slavic
4.g. Proto-Celtic
4.h. Proto-Germanic
4.h.a. Proto-Norse
4.i. Proto-Italic

North Asia

1. Proto-Turkic
2. Proto-Mongolic
3. Proto-Korean
4. Proto-Japonic
5. Proto-Uralic
5.a. Proto-Finno-Ugric
5.b. Proto-Finnic
5.c. Proto-Mordvinic
5.d. Proto-Permic
5.e. Proto-Samic
5.f. Proto-Mansi
5.g. Proto-Khanty
5.h. Proto-Samoyed
6. Proto-Chukotko-Kamchatkan
7. Proto-Indo-European
7.a. Proto-Tocharian

South Asia

1. Proto-Dravidian
2. Proto-Indo-European
2.a. Proto-Indo-Iranian
2.a.a. Proto-Indo-Aryan

Pacific Rim

1. Proto-Pama-Nyungan
2. Proto-Trans-New Guinea
3. Proto-Austronesian
3.a. Proto-Malayo-Polynesian
3.a.a. Proto-Philippine
3.a.b. Proto-Oceanic
3.a.b.a. Proto-Polynesian
4. Proto-Kra-Dai
4.a. Proto-Kra
4.b. Proto-Kam-Sui
4.c. Proto-Tai
4.d. Proto-Hlai
5. Proto-Sino-Tibetan
5.a. Proto-Tibeto-Burman
5.a.a. Proto-Loloish
6. Proto-Hmong-Mien
7. Proto-Austroasiatic
7.a. Proto-Aslian
7.b. Proto-Khmeric


1. Proto-Eskimo-Aleut
1.a. Proto-Eskimo
2. Proto-Algic
2.a. Proto-Algonquian
3. Proto-Iroquoian
4. Proto-Uto-Aztecan
4.a. Proto-Nahuan
5. Proto-Mayan
6. Proto-Oto-Manguean
7. Proto-Tupian

Macro Family Reconstructions

1. Boreal
2. Borean languages
3. Eurasiatic languages
4. Indo-Uralic languages
5. Nostratic languages
6. Proto-Dene-Caucasian
7. Proto-Human
8. Turit (Tower of Babel language)

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