Apologeticum MSS of Tertullian

The bold letters are the manuscript’s siglum and the date that follows is either when it appears to have surfaced out of obscurity or when it is believed to have been written. The o (obscurity) or c (creation) after the century date indicates which of the two it is. The lost MSS are not listed.

Apologeticum main MSS

S, π, δ. 17th century (?). o

M. 16th century. o

λ, I, K, Ob, y. 19th century (?). o

Q, U, φ. 20th century (?). o

T. 18th century (?). o

W, ρ, d. (????). o

κ, N, σ, β, ω, V, L, v, $, Oa, τ, Y, Z, μ, Γ. 15th century. c

Fulda Recension (16th century)

R. 20th century. o

b. 16th century. c

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1 – http://www.tertullian.org/manuscripts_apologeticum/manuscripts_apologeticum.htm

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