Biography of Saint Peter Damian

Saint Peter Damian (c.988-c.1072/1073) is also known as Peter Damian, Petrus Damianus, Petri Damiani, and Pietro/Pier Damiani. He was a reforming Benedictine monk and cardinal in the circle of Pope Leo IX. He was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1828. He created a model for the foundation of the great abbey of Monte Cassino.

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c.988 – He is born in Ravenna.

c.1013 – He is a famous teacher in Parma and Ravenna.

c.1035 – He enters the hermitage of Fonte Avellana near Gubbio.

c.1042 – He writes the life of St Romuald for the monks of Pietrapertosa.

1043 – He becomes prior of Fonte Avellana (and remains as such until his death).

1057 – He is consecrated Cardinal Bishop of Ostia.

1059 – Pope Nicholas II sends him as a legate to Milan.

1067 – He resigns his bishopric.

1069 – He travels to Germany as Papal Legate to convince Henry IV not to get divorced.

c. 1072/1073 – He dies in Ravenna.

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