Biography of Johann Jakob Brucker

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Johann Jakob Brucker (1696-1770). He was a German historian of philosophy. He is known for publishing the modern era’s first complete history of the different philosophical schools, Historia Critica Philosophiae.

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1696 – He is born in Augsberg.

1718 – He graduates from the University of Jena.

1720 – He returns to Augsberg.

1723 – He becomes parish minister of Kaufbeuren. He publishes Historia Philosophicae Doctrinae de Ideis.

1731 – He is elected a member of the Academy of Sciences at Berlin, and is invited to return to Augsburg to be a pastor and senior minister of the Church of St. Ulrich. He publishes Otium Vindelicum.

1731-1736 – He publishes Kurze Fragen aus der philosophischen Historiae.

1741-1755 – He publishes Pinacotheca Scriptorum nostra aetate literis illustrium.

1742-1744 – He publishes Historia Critica Philosophiae (“Critical History of Philosophy”).

1747 – He publishes Institutiones Historiae Philosophicae.

1748 – He publishes Miscellanea Historiae Philosophicae Literariae Criticae olim sparsim edita.

1751 – He publishes Erste Anfangsgründe der philosophischen Geschichte.

1747-1749 – He publishes Ehrentempel der deutschen Gelehrsamkeit.

1770 – He dies

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