Biography of Jean Lemaire de Belges

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Jean Lemaire de Belges (c.1473-c.1525). He was the chief forerunner of the Renaissance humanists in France and Flanders.

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c.1473 – He is born in Hainaut.

1504 – He is attached to the court of Margaret of Austria, duchess of Savoy.

c.1504 – He writes La courrone margaritique.

1505 – He writes Épîtres de l’amant vert.

1507 – He writes Les Chansons de Namur.

1510-1514 – He writes Illustrations de Gaule et singularitez de Troye.

1511 – He writes La Concorde des deux langages.

c.1525 – He dies

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