Biography of Juan Luis Vives

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Juan Luis Vives (1493-1540). He is commonly known as the Father of Modern Psychology.

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1493 – He is born in Valencia.

1509-1512 – He studies at the University of Paris.

1519 – He is appointed professor of humanities at the University of Leuven. He publishes Opuscula varia.

1520 – He publishes Adversus pseudodialecticos.

1522 – He publishes his elaborate commentary on Augustine’s De Civitate Dei.

1523 – He publishes De ratione studii puerilis epistolae duae and De Institutione Feminae Christianae.

1524 – He publishes Introductio ad sapientiam.

1526 – He publishes De Subventione Pauperum Sive de Humanis Necessitatibus (On Assistance To The Poor) and De Europae dissidis et Republica.

1529 – He publishes De concordia et discordia in humano genere and De pacificatione and Quam misera esset vita chistianorum sub Turca.

1531 – He publishes De disciplinis libri XX.

1538 – He publishes De anima et vita.

1540 – He dies in Bruges.

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