Biography of Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (1466-1536). He was a Dutch philosopher and Christian humanist who is widely considered to have been one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance.

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1466 – He is born in Rotterdam.

1470 – He leaves Rotterdam.

1487 – He begins the consecrated life as a canon regular of St. Augustine at the canonry of Stein, in South Holland.

1488 – He takes vows there.

1492 – He is ordained to the Catholic priesthood.

1495 – He begins his studies at the University of Paris, in the Collège de Montaigu.

1499 – He travels back to England with William Blount, 4th Baron Mountjoy upon the latter’s invitation. He teaches at the University of Oxford.

1500 – He publishes Adagia.

1503 – He publishes Enchiridion militis Christiani.

1506 – He graduates as Doctor of Divinity at the Turin University.

1506-1509 – He lives in Italy

1510-1515 – He stays at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

1511 – He publishes The Praise of Folly.

1512 – He begins his work on this Latin New Testament. He also publishes Copia: Foundations of the Abundant Style.

1513 – He publishes Disticha de moribus nomine Catonis.

1515 – He publishes Sileni Alcibiadis.

1516 – He publishes Novum Instrumentum omne and The Education of a Christian Prince.

1517 – He publishes Bellum.

1518 – He publishes Colloquia.

1525 – He publishes Lingua, Sive, De Linguae usu atque abusu Liber utillissimus.

1528 – He publishes Ciceronianus. He also publishes De recta Latini Graecique sermonis pronuntiatione (Dialogue About the Correct Pronunciation of Latin and Greek).

1529 – He publishes De pueris statim ac liberaliter instituendis.

1530 – He publishes A handbook on manners for children and Consultatio de Bello Turcis Inferendo.

1533 – He publishes A Playne and Godly Exposition or Declaration of the Commune Crede.

1535 – He publishes Ecclesiastes.

1536 – He publishes De octo orationis partium constructione libellus.

1536 – He dies in Basle.

1539 – His Apophthegmatum opus is published posthumously.

1548 – The first tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus vpon the newe testamente is published.

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