Biography of Roberto Weiss

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Roberto Weiss (1906-1969). He was an Italian-British scholar and historian who specialized in the fields of Italian-English cultural contacts during the period of the Renaissance, and of Renaissance humanism. He was a pioneer in the study of early humanism.

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1906 – He is born in Milan, Italy.

1932-1933 – He works in the Department of Western Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library.

1934 – He obtains his D.Phil from Oxford. He wins the Charles Oldham prize. He is naturalized British.

1936 – He marries Eve Cecil.

1938-1969 – He teaches at University College, London.

1941 – He publishes Humanism in England during the Fifteenth Century.

1942-1945 – He serves a non-combative role in the British Royal Artillery.

1947 – He publishes The Dawn of Humanism in Italy.

1958 – He publishes Un umanista veneziano: Papa Paulo II.

1961 – He publishes The Medals of Pope Sixtus IV (1471–1484).

1969 – He dies in Reading, Berkshire. His The Renaissance Discovery of Classical Antiquity is published posthumously.

1977 – His Medieval and Humanist Greek : collected essays is published posthumously.

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