Biography of Polydore Vergil

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Polydore Vergil (c.1470-1555). He is known today as the Father of English History.

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c.1470 – He is born in Urbino.

by 1496 – He is ordained.

1496 – He publishes Perotti’s Cornucopiae.

1498 – He publishes Proverbiorum Libellus in Venice.

1499 – He publishes De Inventoribus Rerum.

before 1502 – He enters the service of Pope Alexander VI.

1502 – He travels to England as the deputy of Cardinal Adriano Castellesi in the office of Collector of Peter’s Pence.

1504 – He is enthroned Bishop of Bath and Wells as proxy for Adriano.

as early as 1505 – He begins his Anglica Historia.

1508 – He is installed as Archdeacon of Wells.

1510 – He is naturalized English.

1515 – He is imprisoned in the Tower of London in April and released in December.

1525 – He publishes the first critical edition of a British historical text, Gildas …de calamitate, excidio et conquestu Britanniae.

1531 – He publishes Dialogus de Prodigiis.

1533 – He publishes De Perfecto Monacho.

1534 – He publishes Anglica Historia in Basle. He is admitted into the ranks of nobility by Francesco Maria.

1546 – He resigns the Archdeaconry of Wells to the Crown.

1553 – He leaves England for the last time.

1555 – He dies in Urbino.

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