Biography of Pico della Mirandola

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). He was the founder of what is known today as the Hermetic Reformation. His 900 Theses was the first book to be banned by the Church, and almost all of its copies were burned.

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1463 – He is born in Mirandola.

1473 – He is named a papal protonotary.

1477 – He studies canon law in Bologna.

1450 – His mother dies, he renounces canon law, and he goes to the University of Ferrera to study philosophy.

1480-1482 – He continues his studies at the University of Padua, where he eventually studies Hebrew and Arabic.

1482-1484 – He spends time at home or goes to visit the humanist centers of Italy.

1484 – He settles in Florence and meets Lorenzo de’ Medici and Marsilio Ficino. He also begins his 900 Theses. (Sometimes known today as the Renaissance Manifesto.)

1485 – He visits the greatest center for scholastic European philosophy and theology, the University of Paris. He also writes a long letter to Ermolao Barbaro defending what he believed to be the best of the medieval and Islamic commentators.

1486 – He publishes Conclusiones philosophicae, cabalasticae et theologicae. (which includes his 900 Theses)

1488 – He flees to France and is imprisoned at Vincennes.

1489 – Because his 900 Theses were condemned, he writes Apologia J. Pici Mirandolani, Concordiae comitis to defend their validity. He also publishes Heptaplus id est de Dei creatoris opera.

1491 – His De Ente et Uno is published.

1493 – He is cleared of papal censures and restrictions.

1494 – He dies.

1499 – His Aureae ad familiares epistolae is published posthumously in Paris.

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