Biography of Annius of Viterbo

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Giovanni Nanni, a.k.a. Annio da Viterbo (c.1432-1502). He is commonly remembered today for the historical forgeries that he committed in an attempt to prove Romans were of Etruscan origin, among other things.

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c.1432 – He is born in Viterbo.

after 1442 – He enters the Dominican Order.

before 1466 – He serves as lector at the studium.

1471 – He publishes a short treatise entitled De imperio Turchorum. This work also was entitled

1473 – He is a professional astrologer for the court of the Sforza of Milan. He sends Galeazzo a prognostication for 1473 based on Galeazzo’s nativity.

1475 – He is requested to cast an astrological interrogation for King Ferante, asking whether the King is dead, will die, or will be cured from his illness.

1480 – He publishes the combination of his De imperio Turchorum and his gloss on the Apocalypse of St. John as De futuris Christianorum triumphis in Saracenos. This work was also spread with the title Glosa super Apocalypsim de statu ecclesiae ab anno MCCCCLXXXI usque ad finem mundi.

1493 – He conducts a dig in Viterbo that reveals the marble statues that were planted there for him to find so he could claim his views on chronology were correct.

1498 – His Antiquitatum Variarum is printed in Rome.

1499 – He is appointed as Master of the Sacred Palace.

1502 – He dies.

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