Biography of Karl Richard Lepsius

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Karl Richard Lepsius (1810-1884). He was a pioneering Prussian Egyptologist, linguist, and archaeologist.

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1810 – He is born in Naumburg, Saxony.

1829–1830 – He studies Greek and Roman archaeology at the University of Leipzig.

1830-1832 – He studies ” ” at the University of Gottingen.

1832–1833 – He studies ” ” at the Frederick William University of Berlin.

1833 – He receives his doctorate following his dissertation De tabulis Eugubinis. He also visits Egyptian collections all over Europe and attends lectures by the French classicist Jean Letronne.

1842 – He gets commissioned to lead an expedition to Egypt and the Sudan to explore and record the remains of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

1843 – He visits Naqa and copies some of the inscriptions and representations of the temple standing there.

1844 – He studies the western bank of the Nile for four months and the eastern bank for three months in Thebes.

1845 – He returns to Europe.

1846 – He marries Elisabeth Klein. He also gets appointed as a professor of Egyptology at Berlin University.

1855 – He gets appointed as the co-director of the Ägyptisches Museum.

1865 – He becomes director of the Museum.

1866 – He returns to Egypt and discovers the Decree of Canopus.

1867–1880 – He is the president of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome.

1873-1884 – He is the head of the Royal Library in Berlin.

1880 – He publishes Nubische Grammatik mit einer Einleitung über die Völker und Sprachen Afrika.

1884 – He dies in Berlin.

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