Biography of Karl Josias von Bunsen

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Karl Josias von Bunsen (1791-1860). He was a German scholar and diplomat.

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1791 – He is born in Korbach.

c.1810 – He moves to Gottingen to work as a teacher and to study philosophy under Christian Gottlob Heyne.

1812 – His treatise De Iure Atheniensium Hœreditario wins the university prize essay of the year. He also receives an honorary degree of doctor of philosophy from the University of Jena.

1813 – He travels with Astor in Germany and Italy.

1815 – He travels to Berlin to meet with Niebuhr.

1816 – He begins studying Persian and Arabic under Sylvestre de Sacy.

c.1817 – He becomes Neibuhr’s secretary. He also marries Frances Waddington.

1829 – He becomes one of the greatest supporters of the Archaeological Institute when it gets founded in Bunsen.

1835 – He founds the Protestant hospital on the Tarpeian Rock.

1839-1841 – He serves a term as the Prussian ambassador to Switzerland.

1841 – He goes on a special mission to England which ends up being a success. He is also elected as an ambassador to the Court of St. James’s.

1844 – He gets asked to set forth his views on the question of granting a constitution to Prussia.

1844-1857 – He publishes his Ägyptens Stelle in der Weltgeschichte.

1852 – He writes Hippolytus and his Age: Doctrine and Practice of Rome under Commodus and Severus.

1853 – He gets elected to the Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

1855 – He publishes Die Zeichen der Zeit: Briefe and also Christianity and Mankind.

1856-1862 – His Bibelwerk für die Gemeinde is published.

1858 – He takes a seat in the Prussian House of Lords.

1860 – He dies in Bonn.

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