Biography of Franz Joseph Lauth

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Franz Joseph Lauth (1822-1895). He was a German Egyptologist.

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1822 – He is born in Landau, Germany.

1842-1845 – He studies classical philology.

1849 – He becomes a teacher at the Wilhelmsgymnasium (Munich).

1863-1865 – He travels in Egypt.

1865 – He gets appointed professor at the Maximilians Gymnasium and receives the Great Golden Medal from Maximilian II of Bavaria. He also publishes Manetho and the Turiner King’s papyrus.

1869 – He publishes The Historical Results of Egyptology.

1870 – He publishes Guide to the K. Antiquarium in Munich and The Stele of Piankhy.

1872/73 – He tours Egypt.

1875 – He publishes Explicatory Index of the monuments of the Egyptian Alterthums.

1876 – He publishes On the date of the Nativity.

1877 – He publishes Egyptian Chronology.

1879/80 – He publishes From Prehistoric Times of Egypt: A clear representation of the Egyptian history and culture from first beginnings to Augustus.

1882 – He resigns.

1895 – He dies in Munich.

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