Biography of Justus Lipsius

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Justus Lipsius (1547-1606). Today he is known by some as the Father of Neostoicism.

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1547 – He is born in Overijse, Brabant.

1563 – He stops attending the Jesuit college in Cologne and starts attending the University of Leuven in Leuven.

1567 – He publishes his Variarum Lectionum Libri Tres.

1570 – He travels through Burgundy, Germany, Austria, and Bohemia. He also becomes a teacher at the University of Jena.

1576 – He publishes his Antiquarum Lectionum Libri Quinque.

1579 – He gets appointed to Professor of History at the University of Leiden.

1584 – He publishes his De Constantia Libri Duo, Qui alloquium praecipue continent in Publicis malis.

1589 – His Politicorum Libri Sex is published. Also He publishes his Politicorum sive Civilis Doctrinae Libri Sex.

1590 – He travels to Mainz.

1594 – He publishes his On Constancy / De Constantia.

1595 – He publishes his De militia romana.

1598 – He publishes his Admiranda, sive de Magnitudine Romana Libri Quattuor.

1602 – He publishes his De bibliothecis syntagma.

1604 – He publishes his Manuductionis ad Stoicam Philosophiam Libri Tres, L. Annaeo Senecae, aliisque scriptoribus illustrandis.

1605 – He publishes his Lovanium. He also publishes his Annaei Senecae Philosophi Opera, Quae Exstant Omnia, A Iusto Lipsio emendata, et Scholiis illustrata.

1606 – He dies in Leuven.

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