18th Century Maps of Tartary

This article contains maps of Tartary which have been dated to the 17th century. This article was sponsored by the Ctruth Patron Faith. Thank you Faith for choosing this topic. The master list of Maps of Tartary.

There are currently 16 maps listed below. You can click on the maps to open the links to the wiki-files from which I got them.

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Delisle. 1700.
Chatelain. 1705.
Witsen. 1705.
Delisle. 1706.
d’Anville. 1737.
Bellin & Prévost. 1749.
Bonne & Arrivet. 1771.
d’Anville. 1773.
Bonne & Remondini. 1779.
Zatta. 1784.
Zatta. 1784.
de la Tour. 1787.
The British Library. 1788.
Bonne. 1791.
Wilkinson. 1798.
Cruttwell. 1799.

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