Manuscripts of Herodotus

This article establishes which surviving texts we know about that allegedly mention Herodotus. This article is not exhaustive. This article is subject to being updated.

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Herodotus is commonly believed to have lived between around 484 and 425BC. There are currently a total of 27 documents listed in this article which supposedly mention him.

There are currently 18 papyri listed. All P. Oxy were discovered in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The Rylands papyrus was discovered in the early 20th century. I am still looking for information about the origins of the others.

The current list of papyri;

P.Oxy 18

P.Oxy 19

P.Oxy 695

P.Oxy 1092

P.Oxy 1244

P.Oxy 1375

P.Oxy 1619

P.Oxy 2095

P.Oxy 2096

P.Oxy 2097

P.Oxy 2098

P.Oxy 2099

A Munich papyrus (Archiv für Papyrusforschung vol. 1, p.471 f.)

A Rylands papyrus (Catalogue of the greek papyri in John Rylands library, vol. 1, p. 180 f.)

British Library 1109 (Greek papyri in the British Museum III p.57 = Milne, Catalogue of the literary papyri in the British Museum no. 102)

British Library (Milne no. 103)

No. 15 of the Russian and Georgian collections published by Zeretelli (Pap. Ross. Georg. fasc. 1, pp.95-101)

Amherst papyri II, p. 3, no. 12. Contains some extracts of a commentary of Aristarchus on book 1 cc. 193,194, and 215.

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There are 9 principle manuscripts listed. They were all supposedly crafted after 900AD. I am still looking for information about their origins and I will update this article as I find the information I am looking for.

The current list of principle manuscripts;

A – Florence, Laurentian 70, 3. (allegedly 10th c AD)

B – Codex Angelicanus, previously known as Passioneus (allegedly 11th c AD)

D – Vatican graecus 2369. (allegedly 11th/12th c AD)

R – Vatican graecus 123. (allegedly 14th c AD)

S – The “Sancroftianus” (allegedly 14th c AD)

U – Vatincan Urbinas 88 (allegedly 14th c AD)

C – Flaurentian conventi soppressi 207 (allegedly 11th c AD)

E – Paris, BNF suppl. 134 (allegedly 13th c AD)

P – Paris, BNF gr. 1633 (allegedly 14th c AD)

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