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The production of Think Well content is currently on pause. I’ve left the Think Well wing up on the website for anyone who might be interested in viewing the old content.

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Think Well is a project that encourages the practice and promotion of thinking well. The human mind has been considered by some to be the most complex thing in the known universe. Given that it is so complex, it may be difficult to find solid ground on which to base a strong thought. Think Well provides the tools to be able to map the territory while exercising the minimal amount of biases and fallacies.

There is one post each month which serves as a topic on which to dwell.

The concise list of publications for Think Well is as follows:

Anchoring, Appeal to Anger, Appeal to Authority, Availability Cascade, The Backfire Effect, Burden of Proof, Chronological Snobbery, Confirmation Bias, Cryptomnesia, Illusory Truth Effect, Magical Thinking, Selective Perception, Semmelweis Effect, Should Statements

The graphic list is as follows:

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