This page contains the public list of Ctruth Patrons. Some Patrons may not be included if they have opted out of being given public thanks.

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Being a patron for Ctruth is wonderful. In being a patron, you are given exclusive content and benefits while also providing moral and financial support towards Ctruth. Your interactions and donations are cherished to the fullest extent by Ctruth.
Ctruth has huge plans for the future, and Ctruth patrons will forever be an important part of manifesting these plans.
With that being said; Ctruth gives a sincere thanks to its Patrons.

The current Ctruth Patrons are as follows;

1 – Seppo Pakonen
2 – Carleene
3 – Mario
4 – Anon
5 – S. B. Alger
6 – Anon
7 -Anon
8 – Ben Fletcher
9 – Anon
10 – Anon


If you want to become a Patron, click the “Pledge Now” picture below;

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