New York, Pierpont Morgan M.462

The allegedly history of the MS is as follows: The original manuscript was created in Italy around 490-499 and was in France by around 1380. The original contained 281 leaves. Today, it contains 6 leaves, which are folios 48-53 of the Codex Parisinus.. It appears out of obscurity in 1500 when it was discovered in… Continue Reading

Pliny the Younger MSS

This article contains the siglum, names, alleged datings, and alleged parents of the texts of Pliny the Younger’s MSS. There are four main groups; 10-book MSS, 9-book MSS, 8-book MSS, and 100 letters. 10-book MSS (P) New York, Pierpont Morgan M.462. Late 5th century AD. (B) Florence, Laurentianus Ashburnham 98. 9th c. AD. (Descended from… Continue Reading

Manuscripts of Plutarch

Plutarch is commonly believed to have lived in the 2nd century AD. His earliest manuscript that is listed on this article is considered to have been created in the 10th century AD, with the majority of them being created after the 11th century AD. I believe these manuscripts have been dated to these centuries from… Continue Reading