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Hi, my name is Stephen and I’m the creator of Ctruth. Ctruth is the content I produce based on my exploration of the world of chronology. Chronology is the study of time and the study of the order of events in time.

My goal is to build a strong community of people who are interested in studying and developing the sciences and humanities.

Unlike English, there are other languages have a single word to refer to the sciences and humanities as a whole:
Danish: Widenskab
Dutch: Wetenschap
German: Wissenschaft
Italian: Scienza
Russian: Hayka

Rens Bod discussed this concept to a greater degree in this lecture:


“Some say the holy Ghost did obscure some things in Chronology to sharpen mens wits.”
Edward Leigh (1663)[p.315]

“…Chronology is the Eye, the Light, the Life and Soul of History…”
John Kennedy (1753)[p.4]

“If history without chronology is dark and confused; chronology without history is dry and insipid.”
Noah Webster (1828)[x]

“John Locke, in Some Thoughts Concerning Reading and Study, recommended chronology as the proper study for gentlemen wishing to improve their minds and understanding.”
James William Johnson (1962)[p.124]

“Science is dependent on the accurate measurement of time.”
Ken Mondschein, On Time (2020)[p.3]

Among the subjects of focus for Ctruth are: Area Studies, Chorography, Chronology, Diplomatics, Numismatics, Paleography, Sphragistics, Archeology, Epigraphy, Ethnography, Historiography, Philately, Philology, Anthropology, Cartography, Dendrochronology, Filigranology, Genealogy, Papyrology, Phaleristics, Toponymy, Archeography, Cliometrics, Codicology, Ice Core Dating, Narratology, Onomastics, Prosopography, Radiometric Dating, Vexillology, Fragmentology, Tephrochronology, Periodization, Heraldry, Etymology, Ontology, Epistemology, Bibliology, Science, History, Humanities, Humanity, Sciences, Psychology, and Philosophy.

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