LIVE Reaction Videos

I give my patrons a chance to vote (almost) every week on Patreon to select a video for me to do a live reaction to. I stream these live reactions on YouTube so that everyone can join in and leave questions and comments. Patrons can suggest videos in the comments on the poll or the video to get them into next week’s poll.

This article contains the poll results from each week, as well as the links to each week’s video.


I may slip up from time to time in my pursuit of the goals I lay out below. I hope you viewers can help hold me accountable.

My goals are:

1 – Provide educational commentary

2 – Be respectful towards whoever’s video I’m reviewing

3 – Determine the usefulness of the video I’m reviewing

Educational Commentary

By educational commentary, I mean comments that help inform viewers about what we just watched. Some of these comments will be in favor of the information presented, some of these comments will not be. The goal here is to provide more context and understanding.

Research methods are important. My commentary also seeks to help highlight what some good and bad methods are. This can help people conduct higher quality research.

Respect Others

What constitutes respect can vary greatly between people. When I try to be respectful, I aim to avoid doing any name-calling and I avoid being too harsh. I do this because 1) I don’t think doing either of those things helps us move forward in a positive and constructive direction, 2) I don’t think doing those things provides a good model for how to interact with people, and 3) maybe most importantly, I want to continue to build a community where people feel safe to share their ideas but are also comfortable taking criticism.

Determine Usefulness

So far, the videos I have reviewed set out a topic for the video. For example, the first video I reviewed claimed it was going to “explore the idea that Ancient China may have been Old Tartaria”. I don’t think it did that and so I don’t believe this video is useful for exploring that idea. The second video I reviewed claimed it was going to look “into the potential catastrophe that brought an end to the Roman Empire and the possible addition of Phantom Years to the 1st Millennium”. I don’t think it did a good job looking into that and so this video is also not very useful.

Making this determination can help inform others about which videos are worth their time. It can also help the creators who made those videos figure out which topics might need revisiting and/or further exploration.



The poll options have the channel name listed first, then the name of the video and its runtime:
“Channel name – Video title (runtime)”

Below, the poll options are divided between A and B, and the total number of votes for each is after the respective number. Taking Week 1 as an example, A got 4 votes and B got zero.

Week 1

A (4) – JonLevi – Ancient Tartarian Wisdom (19:09)

B (0) – Mind Unveiled – Tartaria REVEALED in 1858 Newspaper Article – Ruins of Atlantis?! (14:07)


Week 2

A (3) – CONSPIRACY-R-US – The Timeline Manipulation (32:42)

B (1) – Static in the attic – #mudflood That Made Britain an Island (19:56)


Week 3

A (2) – Static in the attic – #TRUTH BOMBSHELL!!! EYEWITNESS TO 1812 ERA CATASTRPOHES (35:13)

B (0) – Auto didactic – Old World, Tartaria, Mudflood, Giants Random Pictures (11:34)


Week 4



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