Stephen Sorensen Talks About Fomenko’s New Chronology

This article contains a chronological list of videos that have me (Stephen Sorensen) as a guest on different YouTube channels talking about New Chronology. The videos have links below them which bring you to my reviews on the videos. On a number of occasions, I have said things that I thought were correct but were in fact incorrect, so to help cull some of the damage that’s done by spreading false information, I have corrected myself in the reviews and suggest reading my review as you watch the video.

There are 7 videos in this list so far. I don’t know when I’ll be a guest again on someone else’s show but I have gotten a lot of equipment upgrades since I began talking about this online, which means I will be producing more video content of my own specifically about Fomenko’s New Chronology. You can find all my videos about this and other topics related to chronology on the Ctruth YouTube channel.

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Zoon Politikon: November 24th, 2018.
My review: What is the New Chronology of History #Fomenko.

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Hidden Path Podcast: February 19th, 2019.
HPPC Episode 16 New Chronology with Stephen Sorensen – Live Calls – Plus a free giveaway!

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Zoon Politikon: February 24th, 2019.
Examining the New Chronology Part II.

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S. B. Alger: April 17th, 2019.
Rx Only PICTURESHOW! #47 Stephen Sorensen & T. Twyman on Fomenko, Mud Flood, Notre Dame & Fulcanelli

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Ancient Amnesia Podcast: September 16th, 2019.
Ancient and Modern Indoctrination and an Introduction To Fomenkos New Chronology

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S. B. Alger: September 18th, 2019.
Rx Only PICTURESHOW! #59 New Chronology Update w/ Stephen Sorensen & Tracy Twyman Memorial GoFund Me

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Truth Wanted: October 9th, 2019.
My review: Human History is Only a Thousand Years Old.

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MythVision Podcast: January 21st, 2020.
Is our historical chronology wrong? Fomenko new chronology & Stephen Sorenson.

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