List of Burials in the Valley of the Kings

The burials are listed by their numbers, then their names, then the dynasty to which they’ve been assigned.

The amount of tombs belonging to the:
New Kingdom – 15 total.
18th dynasty – 28 total.
19th dynasty – 11 total.
20th dynasty – 14 total.

There are 38 burials which have names attributed to them. There are 28 burials which have no names attributed to them.

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KV1. Ramesses VII. 20th dynasty.

KV2. Ramesses IV. 20th dynasty.

KV3. Unnamed son of Ramesses III. 20th dynasty.

KV4. Ramesses XI. 20th dynasty.

KV5. Son of Ramesses II. 19th dynasty.

KV6. Ramesses IX. 20th dynasty.

KV7. Ramesses II. 19th dynasty.

KV8. Merenptah. 19th dynasty.

KV9. Ramesses V and VI. 20th dynasty.

KV10. Amenmasse. 20th dynasty.

KV11. Ramesses III. 20th dynasty.

KV12. Unknown. 18th and 19th dynasties.

KV13. Bay. Later Amenherkhepshef and Mentuherkhepshef. 19th and 20th dynasties.

KV14. Twosret, later reused by Setnakhte. 19th and 20th dynasties.

KV15. Seti II. 19th dynasty.

KV16. Ramesses I. 19th dynasty.

KV17. Seti I. 19th dynasty.

KV18. Ramesses X. 20th dynasty.

KV19. Mentuherkhepshef. 20th dynasty.

KV20. Thutmose I and Hatshepsut. 18th dynasty.

KV21. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV22. ?????

KV23. ?????

KV24. ?????

KV25. ??????

KV26. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV27. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV28. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV29. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV30. Unknown. 20th dynasty.

KV31. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV32. Tia’a. 18th dynasty.

KV33. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV34. Thutmose III. 18th dynasty.

KV35. Amenhotep II. 18th dynasty.

KV36. Maiherpri. 18th dynasty.

KV37. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV38. Thutmose I. 18th dynasty.

KV39. Possibly the tomb of Amenhotep I. 18th dynasty.

KV40. Tomb of King’s Daughters and Sons. 18th dynasty.

KV41. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV42. Queen Hatshepsut-Meryetre. 18th dynasty.

KV43. Thutmose IV. 18th dynasty.

KV44. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV45. Userhet. 18th dynasty.

KV46. Yuya and Tjuyu. 18th dynasty.

KV47. Siptah. 19th dynasty.

KV48. Amenemopet called Pairy. 18th dynasty.

KV49. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV50. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV51. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV52. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV53. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV54. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV55. Smenkhkare/Akhenaten. 18th dynasty.

KV56. Unknown. 19th dynasty.

KV57. Horemheb. 18th dynasty.

KV58. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV59. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV60. Sitre In. 18th dynasty.

KV61. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KV62. Tutankhamun. 18th dynasty.

KV63. Unknown. 18th dynasty.

KV64. Singer [the Lady] and Nehmes Bastet. 18th and 20th dynasties.

KV65. Unknown. New Kingdom.

KVB-KVT. Unknown. New Kingdom.

WV22. Amenhotep III. New Kingdom.

WV23. Ay. 18th dynasty.

WV24. Unknown.

WV25. Unknown.


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