About Ctruth

Ctruth explores chronology (the order of past events) and creates content designed for both laypeople and scholars. It does this by employing critical methods of investigation towards as many sources as possible, and then presenting the collected information in a way that is entertaining, yet fundamentally educational. Ctruth’s History: Methods, Studies, and History article contains links which cover the basics of what methods are utilized in forming historical interpretations, as well as the basics of the history of historical studies. In short, Ctruth’s purpose is to obtain a tremendous amount of accurate information about chronology and to share that information in a way which is easy for all to understand.

Ctruth was officially created by Stephen Sorensen in January, 2019. It was originally called ChronologyTruth but the name was changed in January, 2020. There were multiple reasons for this name change. The main reason for the change was that having a shorter name makes for easier remembering and quicker typing. The second reason is that I wanted to put more emphasis on Truth. Identifying the true from the false and learning the Truth of what really happened in the past fuels the Ctruth engine. The third reason is that I enjoyed the double entendre of Ctruth; where Ctruth means both ChronologyTruth and See truth. The ultimate goal is to determine our true past, and if/when that happens, we will see Truth. The fourth reason I went with the change is that eclipses are of special interest in my studies, and the C slightly resembles a circle (star/light) being eclipsed by truth. Essentially saying that the truth is coming into light.

The drive to more critically investigate history, and subsequently to create Ctruth, was largely inspired by a desire to validate or invalidate the works in Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology. Due to this, there are a good number of Ctruth articles that focus specifically on Fomenko’s New Chronology. Ctruth has not yet reached an official verdict on the extent to which Fomenko’s methods are valid or invalid.

The Ctruth website has a comment section on almost every single page. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them near the bottom of the page or you can send them in an email to ChronologyTruth@gmail.com. The website gets updated nearly daily in order to be more and more user-friendly.

Ctruth offers exclusive activities, benefits, and content on Patreon starting at a dollar a month.

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