About ChronologyTruth

ChronologyTruth focuses on determining the true order of past events. There are a plethora of ways for people to investigate the past. ChronologyTruth aims to establish a simple yet comprehensive guide to understanding the origins of everything.

ChronologyTruth was officially created by Stephen Sorensen in January, 2019. The idea was largely inspired by the works of Anatoly Fomenko, as well as a desire to validate or invalidate those works. ChronologyTruth posts content on the sciences, humanities, and much more.

The ChronologyTruth website has a comment section on almost every single page. If you have any questions, you can comment them near the bottom of the page or you can send them in an email to ChronologyTruth@gmail.com. The website is updated nearly daily with the goal to be as organized and user friendly as possible.

ChronologyTruth offers exclusive content on Patreon, including (but not limited to) ChronologyTruth update videos, voting on topics for content, getting shoutouts on our social media, and gaining access to our custom calendar, starting at $1 a month. You can become a ChronologyTruth Patron today by clicking the Patreon image below.

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